Sisters – Dr. McLean and Dr. Welch


At the core of Healing Paws veterinary medical team is the seamless communication that veterinarians Mari McLean and Eva Welch carry from their early years growing up.

Whether it was nurturing the baby mourning dove fallen from his nest or creating “Bug Savers” to rescue insects caught in the family pool, the love for living creatures spilled into their daily life. Their parents raised them with steady encouragement and a strong work ethic, and allowed an open-door policy for numerous orphaned wildlife and foster animals that their daughters brought into their home. Volunteering and working at their local veterinary hospital opened doors to their veterinary career.

With over twenty years of experience working side-by-side in the veterinary field, Eva and Mari feel lucky to share this special sister bond. Mari’s late husband, Scott McLean, Jr. recognized this connection and its benefits to both patients and clients. He inspired them to open a hospital representing their true core values and family atmosphere.

Always in contact with each other, they discuss patients and allow for the smooth transfer of cases. As it grows, Healing Paws Veterinary Hospital will ensure this collaboration persists among all veterinarians that join our team. By encouraging open communication among clients and staff, our clients will never feel alone in making decisions about their animals and their care.

Welcome to our family.

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