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Strengthen your pet’s immune system, relieve discomfort from arthritis and more.

Mari McLean, DVM
“I am honored to be able to offer integrative medicine at Healing Paws.  I love the deep connections and relationships that develop with both pets and owners through these sessions. I truly believe that this ultimately supports the healing process.” 
Mari McLean DVM, CVA  

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I have been a client for years! They are kind and compassionate and truly love animals. They take the time to listen and console. I often recommend them! We were there this time for our newest member of our family.

Jennifer C.

Beautiful new building. Kind, knowledgeable staff, completely dependable, in good communication during visits and between them. The best vets I’ve ever met.

Daly J.

Integrative Medicine and Acupuncture for Your Pets


We know that there are often multiple treatments that help a particular condition.  Depending on the patient, one or more therapies may be used together (medications, surgery, acupuncture, physical therapy, herbal therapy, and low-level laser therapy) for the best outcome and reduced side effects. “Integrative Medicine” is exactly that—the integration of multiple treatments for the best outcome and fewest side effects—has been used in human medicine.  

In our years of practicing veterinary medicine with the inclusion of acupuncture, we have observed many wonderful benefits. We’ve seen acupuncture help resolve a prolonged case of mega-colon in a middle-aged cat, stop an asthmatic attack, turn a slow, arthritic, geriatric labrador into a dog wanting to play with his toys, calm an anxious older dog experiencing severe sundowners’ syndrome, and stimulate the nervous system and muscles to help a paralyzed dog walk again. Acupuncture can be used to treat arthritis, chronic renal disease, behavioral disorders, skin conditions and support the body as it undergoes chemotherapy. Although our goal is to resolve all diseases, acupuncture cannot cure all ailments.  In some severe cases of chronic disease or cancer, we as veterinary acupuncturists, work with your pet to re-establish balance and energy. We often find that our treatments will slow the progression of the disease/cancer and preserve a good quality of life longer than without acupuncture.   

How It Works

Acupuncture is the placement of needles at particular locations along the body.  The pinpoints are on a series of channels or meridians that have been mapped on the body centuries ago.  These meridians correspond with specific body organs or systems.  Placement of these hair-like needles stimulates endorphins and neurotransmitters and is quick and often painless. Many pets rest very quietly or fall asleep after the placement of these needles for their treatment.   Some pets show signs of improvement after the first treatment, and other pets require several treatments to see the benefit.  We recommend committing to 3-4 treatments before deciding that it may not help. 

The first acupuncture session lasts approximately one hour, which includes a detailed history of your pet’s life and who they are today. We discuss our goals and expectations together before starting any treatments.  After this history and a physical evaluation, we will create a treatment plan or “prescription” which is the map of where the needles will be placed.  On this first visit, your pet will receive dry-needling (needles only). The needles will be in place for 10-15 minutes.  Sometimes electroacupuncture will be added to the treatment sessions depending on the diagnosis. This gives tiny electrical impulses to the needles that are placed. 

The next 3-4 appointments are about a week apart and are usually 30-minute appointments.  We will discuss how you feel your pet responded, and another brief exam is performed, followed by needle placement.  The next appointments are spaced out further, and for chronic cases, we usually see patients every 8 to 12 weeks.  Most pet owners will start to recognize when they need to bring their pet back in by this point; they see the treatment effects begin to wane.    

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